US and Russian teammates of the STEM project winning teams and their teachers met face-to-face in San Francisco and spent unforgettable days exploring centres of technology and innovations in the Silicon Valley.  This experience offered students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the importance of STEM competencies for their future successful careers.  Members of the winning teams share impressions of visiting San Francisco and Silicon Valley and meeting their peers.

On March 28 Lupe Dias visited our school. The Students were happy to show her the building, the classrooms and the school museum. They told Lupe about the history of one of the oldest schools in Moscow and the educational process. After the excursion Dr Dias had a talk to the senior students, they got to know a lot of facts about the system of education in the USA. The STEM Project participants shared their impressions of the project with Lupe and were glad to listen to her comments.
All in all, such meetings provide an opportunity not only to communicate but lead to the better intercultural understanding.

Participants of the STEM project met Academician Evgeny Velikhov to present their projects and learn more about the importance of STEM skills and how these can be applied in enterprising ways to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Academician Velikhov gave students an unprecedented view of the spectrum of STEM current and future trends and careers and encouraged students to pursue STEM-oriented careers or start businesses in these fields.

STEM project culminated with an award ceremony at HPE office in Moscow where teams met their HPE e-mentors in person and were awarded with STEM project certificates. Thank you for supporting innovative, entrepreneurial thinking and strong skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among young people, HPE volunteers! By having experienced employees participate as role models, HPE actively helps students understand the vital importance of STEM skills for a range of exciting professions, which will contribute to spurring innovation and technology development. 

STEM Project was presented at the Modern Entrepreneurship Education Conference hosted by Moscow State Pedagogical University. Honor guest Dr. Lupe Diaz Executive Director, Department of Career & Technical Education Miami-Dade County Public Schools, opened the Entrepreneurship Education at School plenary session and spoke about Broadening Students' Participation in STEM through Career and Technical Education. Teachers and students gave an overview of the US-Russia STEM project and lessons learned through participation in this educational experience.

Recently we've listened to a lecture about the interview for a job in a large company. The Lecture was conducted by Viktoria Svistelnikova HPE Talent Acquisition Consultant, so Her professional experience was very important. We spoke about the peculiarities of recruitment, procedure of an interview and about some of the tricks in the interview. It was very interesting and it will definitely help us in the future. Thanks to JA Russia and HPE for the opportunity.
Team #4 "Innovation World"

Together with Danila and Olya from our team "LevelUp" I visited HPE office on February 22, which is the place of work of our mentor Denis, who invited us there for a personal discussion of some details of the project work in a comfortable ambience. At this meeting we learned whatever our curiosity and diligence desired to know. Therefore, if before our conversation with Denis I was bothered with some aspects of our STEM idea, after a number of eloquent answers, they have exhausted themselves. Our time with Denis at HPE can be regarded wonderfully spent with full confidence. I am grateful to the STEM project for this unique opportunity.
Melnikova Taya

February meant cold and snow for Moscow, but it was warm and sunny in Miami when the project directors from Russia and Pennsylvania met the teachers — Milagros Perez and Yaneidy Vazquez — their students and John Lux, school principal from Miami Sunset Senior High School. Also visiting the school was Dr. Lupe Diaz, Executive Director, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Department of Career and Technical Education.

STEM project team # 4 visit Hewlett-Packard Enterprise office in Moscow

We met with our team's mentor Ksenia in the main office of HPE in Moscow. First, we had a tour around the office and were shown some of the departments and some of the latest products of the company and the work of high-tech computers costing millions of rubles. Then, we had a discussion with our mentor about all the details of our STEM project, and came to a kind of consensus, which was then submitted for discussion with our US teammates.

We were very lucky to visit HPE office, where we had a great time and learnt a lot of necessary and  essential information. First of all, we got acquainted with Oleg, our mentor's friend, who was our personal guide and told us everything about the holy of holies of HPE office. It is a wonderful experience to talk to a person, whose life is fully devoted to technologies and information. We were lucky not only to look at new devices and computers, but even touch them. Moreover, we were given necessary advice, which  would certainly help us to improve our results in the project. All in all, we spent a lot of time there and enjoyed every second of it, getting useful information every minute.

Ryabenko, Zhelezov

We had a wonderful lecture with HR director of HPE. First of all, we learnt everything about the foundation of this mature IT company. We had a wonderful experience of listening to a professional. We learnt out that the success of every company starts from communication and relations between workers. All the details are very important, for instance, such thing as a uniform plays a very important role in the life of each company.