STEM project team # 4 visit Hewlett-Packard Enterprise office in Moscow

We met with our team's mentor Ksenia in the main office of HPE in Moscow. First, we had a tour around the office and were shown some of the departments and some of the latest products of the company and the work of high-tech computers costing millions of rubles. Then, we had a discussion with our mentor about all the details of our STEM project, and came to a kind of consensus, which was then submitted for discussion with our US teammates.

I liked this event very much, such meetings present an idea of how corporations work. I was impressed and excited. Thanks to JA Russia, HPE and Ksenia!
Pavel Basov

Yesterday we visited the HP Enterprise office in Moscow. Firstly, we had a small tour around the office guided by a friendly and cheerful volunteer who told and showed us the equipment they produce and sell. It was very interesting to listen to our tour guide, I got to know a lot about how it all works. And then we were discussing the nuances of our project and thinking over our plans ahead.

JA, HPE and Ksenia, thank you so much for such an opportunity to visit HPE office, to see everything with my own eyes and to communicate!
Semyon Velichko

Visiting HPE, I learned a lot of new things, got to know a lot about computers, from the smallest to the largest. We were met by  very interesting and friendly people. They told us the "secrets" of the computer device, our meeting was informal, not only we listened but answered and asked questions. We also had an opportunity to discuss the details of our project with our mentor Ksenia. Thank you very much, HPE, JA and Ksenia
Nikita Zubtsov