We had a wonderful lecture with HR director of HPE. First of all, we learnt everything about the foundation of this mature IT company. We had a wonderful experience of listening to a professional. We learnt out that the success of every company starts from communication and relations between workers. All the details are very important, for instance, such thing as a uniform plays a very important role in the life of each company.

We were also able to hear the strategies for the success and get a lot of useful experience. After asking questions we suddenly realized that 2 hours of our lecture had already passed and we even didn't notice that. We had a magnificent lecture! Thank you very much!
Stepan Ryabenko

While participating in the Russia-US STEM Project, we took part in a lecture with HR director of HPE. Of course, there was a lot of useful information and knowledge. First of all, she told us about the company she works in. Then we had a chance to listen to a story of a real career success of our speaker Yulia, and about the milestones of her career. We were also told how relationships between members of a team influence the process of working. After that we asked her some questions and got all the answers. I liked the lecture; it was  interesting and I will definitely follow the advice given to us.
Zhelezov Mike

The participation in the STEM Project included  a lecture of HR director of HPE. We learnt much useful information there. First of all, about the foundation of the company. Besides, our lecturer was a real professional with a brilliant  career. We heard a story, how she became the director  and how she moved up the career ladder. We were told  a lot of things about the success of the companies.  In the the first place relationship between the workers is the thing that increases the  efficiency of the work. The lecture was very useful!
Dasha Bezuglaia

We are very thankful for the lecture of HR director of HPE about a career success. We got to know a lot of necessary things and details about building a career and relations in a company. It's a unique experience and we'll take it into account in future. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
STEM Project Team # 3