Together with Danila and Olya from our team "LevelUp" I visited HPE office on February 22, which is the place of work of our mentor Denis, who invited us there for a personal discussion of some details of the project work in a comfortable ambience. At this meeting we learned whatever our curiosity and diligence desired to know. Therefore, if before our conversation with Denis I was bothered with some aspects of our STEM idea, after a number of eloquent answers, they have exhausted themselves. Our time with Denis at HPE can be regarded wonderfully spent with full confidence. I am grateful to the STEM project for this unique opportunity.
Melnikova Taya

On February 22, our "Level up" team visited HPE office and met our mentor Denis in person. It was a warm welcome, we all were very happy to discuss and to get answers from Denis to our questions related to the framework of joint work on our project, but also to chat on abstract topics with a cup of coffee. Also, looking at such a successful specialist as Denis, we all got a personal motivation to be more diligent and purposeful in all our endeavors. Our team thanks the HPE and Denis for the opportunity to meet!
Dzhuraieva Olya

On February 22,our team “Level Up” met our HPE mentor Denis in his working environment. After communication with Denis virtually at HPE My Room, we were looking forward to meet our mentor in real life. We really enjoyed our meeting. We asked a lot of questions about our project and Denis was happy to help and give us some advice. After that, we had coffee and talked on other interesting and inspiring topics. All in all, it was a very useful and productive meeting. Our team thanks the company for the opportunity to meet!
Kedrin Danila