Team Name: Jimmy Neutron’s Children

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Team Members

  1. Anastasia Sedova
  2. Polina Podushko
  3. Aram Grigoryan
  4. Vincent Dulanto
  5. Ashley Sanchez


    1. Executive summary
      The main idea is to create a hotel as a center of science, because comfortable and modern hotels are rare nowadays. Our target audience is people of all ages. It is the best choice for tourists who want not only walk around sightseeing, but also
      to occupy yourself with something unusual and exciting. Apart from the comforts of the conditions, they are awaited by the knowledge of science from the entertaining side. To create a hotel we need about $8 000 000, that includes repairs, equipment, organizational expenses, advertising, reserve fund, equpment for labs and technology rooms. So, funds allocated from the state budget for the project’s creation will return in 2 years. Thanks to this, tourism in Miami and Moscow will increase, which will bring great both cities.
      Advantages of such project are in the interest of people in different fields of science, development of international trade and relations + exchange of interethnic technologies and knowledge. STEM is the main engine of the hotel. You could find science in every corner. Self-study can push many adolescents to get education in STEM directions, which has a great advantage in the professions nowadays. This will make it possible to train highly qualified specialists who will make a great contribution in the development of the society and state.



    1. Creativity and Innovation
              Сreativity and Innovation of our project is that “Science hotel” is the first hotel, where people can not only live and relax, but they also can study and discover new scientific things. There are a lot of scientific labs and centers in the world, but not everywhere the person can do experiments by himself. Our hotel will include different kind of labs, where people can touch science not through the books or TV.
    The apartments will have the beds in the form of compounds of molecules, rooms will be installed with special system of memorizing the preferences of the customer - favourite music, the most comfortable climate and the brightness of the lighting, the temperature of the water in the bathroom and the air in the room.
    Inside the hotel there will be created special slides for children to get from one floor to another. People will learn how to apply the obtained chemical knowledge in real life - from cooking to making tin soldiers. A large number of reagents and modern utensils make it possible to conduct full-fledged practical work in a group. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with a system of individual extracts, which makes it possible to conduct experiments with a wide range of substances. Also there will be the Planetarium for Space Lovers, a swimming pool and classical SPA for people who want to relax a bit.
    The whole hotel is an entertainment science center. I think that at least once in a lifetime each of us visited a rest house or went to a SPA, so in  our hotel you can combine business with pleasure.



    1. Detailed description
      The design, features and benefits of this service is immense for many grounds of people. The sign will be approximately 500 rooms filled into 11 hours. Those 500 rooms are only the ones where people will pay to sleep in. The other rooms strategically scattered across the hotel will include things such as daycares, restaurants, STEM rooms, laundry, entertainment, and other things necessary for a hotel to thrive. The function of the hotel is to provide a comfortable, fun, safe and learning environment for business people to bring their children with them on trips where they can engage in fun educational activities and even for the average person to spend their vacation with or without their family. The benefits are the relleving safety that you can bring your children on a business trip while knowing that you can safely leave theme in a daycare if you don’t trust theme on their own. This will be a place for kids and adults to learn fun things.



    1. The Role of
      The role of STEM in this project will take place in two different ways. First, our plan is to introduce a robotics class that will teach anybody who pays an extra fee of $30 for adults and $15 for children on ages 6-13 (children under 6 years old have free entrance) about building robots with all the parts of STEM. Robotic will be taught being a branch of engineering and science. Technology will be shown with built robots and math will be used  in the actual building and design portion of the class. The second way we plan to use STEM is with a planetarium. The same prices and age ranges from before apply here too. Science will be used with astrology, technology will be there with a segment about rocket ship history, engineering will also be taught through that segment and math will be taught by explaining distances from planets and measurements of ships.
    2. Marketing Strategy
    We intend to sell our project by advertising in Trip advisor that will cost about 1000$ a year just to advertise and the other one will be and that would take 15% commission or 20% if you do become a preferred member. Our potential customers will be business people and families who bring their kids and it will be a great way to relax and have fun. They would probably buy our service because it would be a great way for families to take their kids on the weekend and they could learn about the roles of STEM and how it works. Most likely, there will be about 400-500 people in the first year of the hotel, but if people are satisfied, they will tell their entourage about the trip,that will also serve as advertising, so the number of guest will increase to 1200.

    The highest number of customers would be around 600 customers because a lot of people would be interested in our product as they can bring their children and they not only will relax, but they will study and discover new scientific things in the labs. They could be able to make experiments, and l think that about 100 customers will probably be the lowest number of customers because there may not be a lot of people who are interested in the role of stem and may not be interested to learn about it all.


    1. Finance

     The hardest part of a business has got to be either starting it up or making it successful enough to the point in which you make a profit. The cost of a hotel is almost impossible to figure out in even months time but an estimation can be reached. The estimated cost for a hotel like this will fall between $7 million to $10 million. The source of this money would likely be from a government investment considering this is an attempt to increase tourism in one of most popular cities. The likelihood of customers coming to these hotels is insane. The fact that these hotels are nothing like any of these cities has ever seem before will surely attract visitors of all kinds. Not only our target audience of business people will absolutely love this hotel. This hotel can accommodate anybody. The price range and obviously the quality of the hotel rooms will be very diverse. The time it should take for this company to break even may take over a year however since the cost of such a hotel is so high. However, there is no doubt that this hotel will easily breakeven and start seeing a profit by the end of its first year. Once the hotel becomes mainstream and start to attract even more people, the hotel will be turning in a huge profit. The financial plan for the hotel is to start off stocking up for 3/4ths of the hotel. Once business starts booming then then the hotel will buy everything needed as if every single room was reserved. After the first two years of breaking even, depending on how great the profits have been, we will look at expanding our locations to other large cities in the same countries and possibly even more.



    7.Operating the business

    Role and responsibility:

    1. Polina Podushko (hotel manager)

    1. Vincent Dulanto (PR manager)
    2. Aram Grigoryan (restaurant manager)
    3. Anastasia Sedova (administrator)
    4. Ashley Sanchez (event organizer)


    As soon as the construction of the hotel began, we would start looking for professional staff - people on whom the interest of guests will depend. Certainly, we should study the market, and find out how much the hotel room costs for competitors. So we will make our price 10% less in the first year of the hotel. Plus, sign contracts with travel agencies and booking agencies. 

    So, to operate such a serious business, we need someone with skills like ability to make payments, the ability to persuade, time management skills + creativity.
    Despite our skills, the hotel should be controlled by a well-trained manager. Everything depends on him, although it is difficult to delineate the precise boundaries of his work. His duties vary: from controlling the maid to hand washing your laundry. The manager is needed to any hotel, he/she is responsible for organizing all the internal processes of the hotel. Сollective portrait of the model manager : responsible, punctual, a person who knows how to handle personnel, who is able to make non-standard solutions and has higher education.
    The hotel requires a large number of people of different professions to different positions. The work administrator is, as a rule, in the coordination of the work of the staff of various hotel service, as well as the communication with customers. The hotel manager operates all activities of the organization, financial-economic and economic. The most important part of the hotel manager's work is personnel management, which should be directed, first of all, to improving the quality of service for hotel guests. The maid's duties in accordance with the job description usually include: daily cleaning of hotel rooms; replacement of linen and sanitary and hygienic supplies; cleaning of corridors and common areas on the way to the elevator or stairs. Our hotel also needs chemists, physicists and biologists to translate the main idea into reality. Each of them will help people to learn science, and most importantly with benefit and pleasure

     8.SWOT Analysis.



    1. the opportunity to spend a holiday with maximum benefit to the mind

    2. no analogues in the world

    3. the promotion of science among the masses in a simple and efficient way





    1. expensive project

    2. complicated project

    3. it is difficult to correctly determine the balance between leisure and science



    1. on its basis it is possible to create additional services and partner programs - both with hotels, and with scientific and educational institutions

    2. this business idea can be scaled to other countries-to make a network of scientific hotels

    3. promotes the development of international relations, exchange of knowledge and technology






    1. long payback of the project

    2. accessibility of the project-not everyone will be able to afford such a vacation

    3. the risk of collapse of the project because of the interstate conflicts




    Our project promotes the development of international relations, exchange of knowledge.

    It can help to create additional services, partner programs, good relationships between Moscow and Miami. People will come to Moscow and Miami to be the first to see our project and to try their skills at science. Miami and Moscow will be the first places in the world with such hotels and because of that Miami and Moscow will become not only the place where you can relax and spend holidays with family but also the center of science where the scientists can do other experiments and advance the progress. Our hotel can help Miami and Moscow to become the most leading scientific centers in the whole world, where scientific centers in the whole world, where scientists and tourists can spend their vacations with pleasure and to do it usefully.

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This project offers an opportunity to deepen participants’ understanding of the importance and relevance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and their links to a huge range of potential career paths. >>

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