Business Concept Paper of United Developers Team

Executive summary

At the initial stage, our team studied the reviews of tourists about Moscow and Miami in the search for a correct solution to the problem of tourist flow and the adaptation of tourists to these cities. With the arrival in the city, people know practically nothing about the location and quality of hotels, museums and cafes and we believe that our idea with the website will help tourists.

The site is designed for adults who want to relax with their families in Moscow or Miami and offers great amount of hotels, interesting places and restaurants. Also on the site there is a special excursion designer with the help of which any person will be able to build his personal route through interesting places. Our team believes that in good circumstances and interest of tourists the project should pay off already in the first year and the benefits will have to get both sides: vacationers will get an inexpensive vacation, and the creators of the website – profit. In addition, we suppose that STEM would be very useful for our project in the creation of the site and in its various calculations.  According to our researches we think that STEM can help us with making different routes.



Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand in our project. The main creative innovation of our website is constructor of excursions. Every client chooses his own route and places which he wants to see and our website gives him this opportunity. Also we are going to post reviews on our website about different cafes, restaurants and hotels .



Detailed description


We would like to tell you a little about our idea. In general terms, our project is a website which could help many tourists to find interesting places and hotels for a stop and a long rest. Without a doubt, there are already similar sites. But the peculiarity of our idea is the presence of the designer of excursions. This program will be designed for small groups up to 10 people. With the help of the designer of excursions, tourists themselves can lay a convenient route for them in short terms. Also all high-quality and inexpensive points of public catering on the way of a route will be offered. In addition to finding hotels and interesting places, we offer assistance with the purchase of tickets and, if necessary, visa.


The role of STEM


Technology and mathematics will help our project in many ways such as the total cost of promoting our website from creating the website itself to creating features that will make the website more unique, like a feature that makes the website refresh and add new businesses, restaurants and hotels to its wide list while also getting the best prices for hotel rooms. Mathematics will help with our website with coding and costs for the website. Technology such as computers have a huge impact on our business concept, with computers we can manage our website, making it better with needed changes to either the software to make it run fast or smoother, or to add new deals/offers.



Marketing strategy

Our potential clients are adults or whole families. Our marketing strategy is based on the Internet. We did some researches in this area and find a lot of popular websites, where our potential clients spend time and we are going to put an advertisement there. With help of this it attracts attention to our website. We are going to have partnerships with different hotels and restaurants. We give them clients and they give us sales. At the beginning we are going to have one group consist , of 5-7 people. Then we are going to have three or four  groups . Per month we are going to service  20-30 people. If they liked our service they will tell another people about us. If it happened we will increase the number of clients. If we do not have enough clients , then we will decrease prices and make different  sales.





At the beginning  we will need start-up capital (somewhere about 85-100 thousand of dollars). We going to find some investors , who can give us this mony.e can take a loan , we can start a start-up our business project will cost about 750000 rub per month. If everything will be ok our business might break-even in  6-8 months.



When our number of customers will  grow we will increase our business . in the beginning we are going to have two groups of tourists then we will have three or four groups of tourists.   



Guide (interpreter) (1-2)- 55000 rub.

The manager on tourism (2-3)-45000rub.

PR manager (1)-50000руб.

Advertising in social networks (depending on the groups) approximately-10000rub.

Specialist on clients-40000руб.

Consultant-30000 rub



Total Russian approximate spending per month on the salary will be 250,000-300,000 rubles.




Guide (interpreter) (1-2)- 1500 $

The manager on tourism (2-3)-1500 $

PR manager (1)-1700 $

Advertising in social networks (depending on the groups) approximately-200 $

Specialist on clients-1000 $

Consultant-1000 $

IT-specialist-1300 $

Driver-1200 $

Total American approximate spending per month on the salary will be 550000-600000 $.



Prices for clients


Hotel ~ 10000-16000 per night

Moving we take on itself ~ from 2500 to 3500

General information

+ Individual excursions that a person chooses himself (the price depends on the person)

As a result, accommodation for 2-3 days in Moscow will cost about 20000-25000rub. Per person

+ Visa and flight back there.



Hotel ~ 250-300 per night

Moving we take on itself ~ from  500

General information

+ Individual excursions that a person chooses himself (the price depends on the person)

As a result, accommodation for 2-3 days in Miami will cost about 100 per person

+ Visa and flight back there.

On average, a round-trip ticket costs 25,000 rubles. + Visa 5000 Total without a ticket + visa, hotel for 2+ movement from the airport to the hotel + movement in the city; 60000-80000rub. Per person in Moscow.



On average, round-trip ticket costs  550 $ . + Visa 150 $ 

Total without a ticket + visa, hotel for 2+ movement from the airport to the hotel + movement in the city.

1500 $  Per person in Miami



According to this information ideally we will have a profit about 5-10 thousand of dollars from 20 people per month.



SWOT Analysis

1) Uniqueness

2) The project combines lots of opportunities

1) High level of competition

2) Unstable market

1) Increasing of level of little business

2) Opportunity to help people


1) The project doesn’t pay off

2) The project may go unnoticed because of large sites

3) Refuse in investing of the project



Our project has a lot of opportunities for tourists to make their holidays easier. In addition, our team think that this website can help to these countries to increase the level of tourism.

Project Info

This project offers an opportunity to deepen participants’ understanding of the importance and relevance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and their links to a huge range of potential career paths. >>

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Bravo, HPE Mentors!

Dear Vyacheslav! We are extremely grateful for your help during the STEM project. The ideas you gave us were very useful and your advice helped us a lot to improve the quality both of the project itself and its presentation. We, with great pleasure, followed all your recommendations. Thank you for particular attention that you paid to the presentation of the product and the development of the content itself, including functions and interface.  We kindly thank you for estimating our work and ideas rationally, correcting some things, improving them.

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