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Business Concept Paper

Team Members:

  • Pavel Basov
  • Semen Velichko
  • Nikita Zubtsov
  • Brian Machado
  • Anibal Lorenzo
  • Kevin Ontaneda

Executive Summary

We would like to present our project dedicated to the improvement of traffic and ecological situation in Moscow and development of tourism. The target audience of our project is people living in Moscowand people who are eager to visit the city. Every day a huge number of motorists spend a lot of time in traffic jams. Our project is to build an innovative tunnel with a space for different exhibitions, congress-hall etc. and create a concept of an interactive mobile guide application. Realizing our project, we will partly unload the MKAD and with the help of our program we will take muscovites and the guests of the city to the most interesting places of the city in the most efficient and informative way.

Our tunnel is unusual, it combines not only roads, but also pedestrian zones with different entertaining possibilities. At the moment it is impossible to tell the exact cost of our project, as there are factors that can change this cost by several million dollars. We will need $ 360 million per kilometr. This amount includes the cost of construction of the tunnel and one congress/exhibition hall in the south-west of Moscow, and development of the mobile application. Our project is a long-term investment. The payback of the project will depend not on the sales of services of a multi-profile entertainment center, but on additional factors like: improving the environmental situation and as a consequence increasing the cost and consumer interest in the adjacent land areas.

If our project is implemented, then it will be used by the entire population of the city. On the surface of ex-MKAD only 3 lines will be left in each direction for public transport and emergency transport. In between the traffic lines will be a loan with bushes. All existing road junctions will be preserved.


Improvement of traffic situation,

Improvement of environment next to the MKAD that will automatically make territories next to it more appealing for residential construction

Universal entertainment area in the south-east of Moscow                                        Facilitate travel around the city        

First, it will help the traffic of cars and secondly, our program will help to reach the destination and find the right material for the user. From STEM we can get an update of our idea and project.


Creativity and Innovation

Our project is unique and innovative.

The first part of our project is a tunnel. The tunnel includes roads for private vehicles, purification systems from carbon dioxide and soot, communication systems: Water supply, light and air conditioning. But also a room for entertainment complexes. It is not large in width, but takes a huge place in length. In this room you can arrange anything: exhibitions, congress-halls etc. The roof of our complex will be glass.

The second part of our project is an interactive app. At first glance, it's just a navigator, but our program also includes data on air pollution and finding interesting places for the user. Having entered our application you can see several options on the screen, named: maps, navigator, air purity and interesting places. The first two options can be found in regular programs like Google maps or Yandex navigator, however the following two functions are not common in other programs. Clean air is a tab where the cleanest and dirty areas of the city will be displayed, as well as your position and how much this area is clean and how it is polluted. Interesting places is a function that includes a detailed search of the places you need. For example, you need a restaurant, you open another tab, choose restaurants and give the parameters: restaurant evaluation, cuisine, distance and restaurant menu. In the same way you can find coffee shops, shops, pharmacies, attractions and entertainment complexes. Also in the program will be laid the most popular routes for city tourists.


Detailed Description

The construction of the tunnel consists of: tunneling, laying roads, building a multi-profile entertainment space. To ensure the functioning of the tunnel we will need : harvesters, evacuation exits, ventilation with catalytic converters and soot moistening, electricity, fire-protection systems (SPZ), which include active(fire extinguishing, smoke ventilation) and passive(evacuation, breakdowns, partitioning, the use of constructive fire protection) means of protection. To ensure the functions of a multi-profile entertainment space, you will need: insulation from expanded polystyrene concrete, waterproofed solar batteries, basalt fiber and foam, communications, electricity, ventilation by the principle of air-handling units, as well as from the fire alarm system, emergency exits, lifts and stairs.


The principle of air-supply plants:

Clean air in the supply unit enter the room and displace the dirty air. All components of such equipment are assembled in one noise/thermally insulated housing, therefore such devices do not create unnecessary noise, they are compact and easy to assemble. In the case of the supply unit, as a rule, a fan, electric or water heater, filter, material for soundproofing is built in.

Catalytic neutralization is the restoration and oxidation of impurities of exhaust gases with the formation of harmless vapors of water and gases: nitrogen, CO2. For the reduction of nitrogen oxides, catalysts based on copper, chromium, cobalt, nickel and their alloys are used. Catalysts are made of platinum metals and are used to oxidize CO and hydrocarbons.

Carbon capture. To capture the soot, filters are used in the honeycomb structure from rectangular cells or in the form of several successively located porous partitions.

As we mentioned before, we are not only going to build a tunnel, but also create an interactive app-guide. We have already prepared  preliminary layouts of the interface and the functionality of the application. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and SketchUp. With the possible subsequent development of the application and creation of its working prototype, it is worth mentioning that the simplest program for writing software is the Xcode so it is likely we will use it. The application itself is an interactive assistant for the user. In our case, the user a city resident or a tourist.

The prototype of our app has a great functionality: the development of the most convenient and fast route, search for interesting places according to the criteria set by users, as well as indications abut air pollution in the districts of Moscow. The work on the full elaboration of this application (code writing, layout, elaboration of interface design, contracts with companies ) will last about half a year in total. All costs will be spent on hiring professionals and the purchase of licensed versions of firmware, hiring system administrators to maintain the life of the application.


The Role of STEM

During the development, the idea of ​​the project and its detailed design also used knowledge about STEM subjects, namely knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. As we know, any idea of ​​building something can not do without knowledge in these areas. Speaking specifically about our team, we can confidently state that the information given by STEM has helped us a lot. When designing the tunnel, a large number of sources related to engineering, construction and geology were studied, namely:






When we are creating the application, we used the experience with 3D design and Photoshop. Thanks to this knowledge and experience to STEM.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy takes in consideration a few aspects. First of all is promoting our project on different festivals for ambitious startups which are held by our government. Basically, government is planned to be our main investor due to the big positive effect our project will have on the city. However, not only government will give money on this idea. Many investors probably will like to take part in this project, because by building our tunnel, we will free a lot of new, environmentally-friendly space next to the tunnel for new houses/blocks of flats with higher prices due to their convenience.

Second method, we need to understand who will be interested in sponsoring our project. One of the most efficient way to advertise something nowadays is going to the net. As we all know, mostly every man on earth nowadays use some social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. That’s why we will try to interest investors in our project by this method of marketing.



Based on all of the above listed needs for the construction and operation of tunnels and facilities, we calculated the approximate cost of one kilometer of the tunnel. The amount per kilometer was $ 360 million. We calculated this amount by comparing three tunnels: the Alabian-Baltic tunnel, the Lefortovo tunnel and the North-Western tunnel. All these tunnels are built at different times, they are of different construction, they have different number of bands and cost of one kilometer. One kilometer of the tunnel with the laying of roads, ventilation, electricity and all precautions, Alabyan-Baltic costs 206 million dollars, North-West 230 million dollars, Lefortovo 280 million dollars. Our price has increased due to more lanes and a multipurpose entertainment platform. If you do not take into account the site, the amount per kilometer of tunnels will be $ 340 million. If there are six lanes in the Lefortovo, North-Western and Alabian-Baltic tunnels, our tunnel is designed for five each (two tunnels, five lanes in one direction, five in the other, and a multipurpose recreational area between the tunnels). This project is designed for a long time. If the latest technologies are used in the construction, the tunnel will finish its construction, excluding spontaneous incidents and lack of resources, in 50-60 years. The recoupment of this project will depend on the value of the land next to this tunnel, the activities that will take place in the premises, the faster delivery of goods and the unloading of roads.

To create the program will be spent 250 thousand rubles, namely: on writing code, imposition, design of the interface, signing contracts with companies, salaries and renting premises. To support this program, you will need 80 thousand rubles a month consisting of renting premises and servers. Our program will not be on all mobile devices. Initially, we plan to launch the offer in the AppStore, and then on the following trading platforms, since one platform is connected to the AppStore, namely iOS. The recoupment of the project depends on the advertising orders: most of the proceeds will be provided by museums, city assets, restaurants, cafes and not only. Our customers can be any person who is in Moscow. To order advertising in our application will be two thousand rubles from each event and place (if the restaurant orders advertising in our program, then the advertisement will be distributed only to this restaurant, not to the network). Advertising includes: the exact location, recommendations, requirements appropriate to your order, menu (food cords), photos indoors.


Operating the Business

1)Nikita Zubtsov- financial and economic spheres

2)Semyon Velichko- computer technologies

3)Pavel Basov- management and natural sciences

4)Brian Machado - engineering sphere

5)Anibal Lorenzo- engineering sphere

6)Kevin Ontaneda- computer technologies

Our project affects a huge number of spheres. In order to build our tunnel, a huge number of engineers, builders, architects, designers and a 3D designer will be needed. Part of these professions we will be trained after finishing schools and universities. Anibal Lorenzo and Kevin Ontaneda are engaged in architecture and engineering. They can facilitate the work, namely: to develop more detailed drawings, to make tunnels more colorful and functional, and also to monitor the construction process. To develop and design the original form of the tunnel, rooms and program will be involved knowledge of Semyon Velichko and Kevin's Ontaneda. They will be able to design a program and equip it under different mobile platforms in the near future after obtaining certain knowledge. Finance will fall on Nikita Zubtsov. With the help of specialists in finance and economics, they will be able to more exact costs and payback. Due to this, the price and time of construction and payback will change. Marketer Pavel will promote our project and spread information about it among investors and the state, will be engaged in the management of employees and monitoring the performance of work.





2.Creating models

3.Opening of new shopping centers



1.Raw materials

2.Lack of workers and inexperience

3.Insufficient number of downloads


1.Unloading of roads

2.Help in finding the right material

3.Increase in enterprise


1. Approval of the state

2. Natural conditions

3.Material relation



Our project will have a big impact on Moscow. First of all, it will be caused by decreasing level of traffic jams in the city on the busiest highway. Also, this project will help in improving the ecological situation in Moscow. And of course, we will contribute in attracting tourists to our beautiful city due to this unusual and ambitious project.

As for the details, we can say that the project will have primarily an effect on economic aspects. It will increase the influx of tourists, which will attract more money to the economy. It also has a positive impact on the city budget in particular. Also, this project will have a positive impact on the perception of Moscow by tourists as a world capital. However, this project has one drawback, namely the execution time, which can briefly complicate the lives of some residents of Moscow.

Project Info

This project offers an opportunity to deepen participants’ understanding of the importance and relevance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and their links to a huge range of potential career paths. >>

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Dear Vyacheslav! We are extremely grateful for your help during the STEM project. The ideas you gave us were very useful and your advice helped us a lot to improve the quality both of the project itself and its presentation. We, with great pleasure, followed all your recommendations. Thank you for particular attention that you paid to the presentation of the product and the development of the content itself, including functions and interface.  We kindly thank you for estimating our work and ideas rationally, correcting some things, improving them.

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