US-Russia STEM Project


Your Challenge

Using a combination of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) knowledge and entrepreneurial skills in your team, come up with an innovative, commercially viable idea to increase tourism in Moscow and Miami.

Your idea could be a product to sell, a service to provide, or perhaps, a space or place which attracts customers, makes money and creates a lasting positive impact.

Your idea must stand out from the crowd and your business proposition must clearly demonstrate the role STEM would play in support of the business idea.

Your Idea (delivered November 22 2017)


Contents of Your Business Concept Paper

You must prepare a written Business Concept Paper based on the idea you came up to during the Online Innovation Tournament. A “Business Concept Paper” is similar to a ‘business plan,” but we are asking for additional information in your Business Concept Paper that a typical business plan would not include.

Your Business Concept Paper needs to further explain your business idea; you must provide evidence that your business proposition has a good chance of being successful; and you must demonstrate how STEM will play an important part.

Your Business Concept Paper submission will be due early March 2017


The categories you need to include are the following:

Team Name: Science Enthusiasts


Team Logo:

Team Members

1.Amina Abdulkarimova

2.Artyom Zavodskov

  1. Vaselina Denisova
  2. Ivan Espinosa
  3. Shirley Medina
  4. Britney Almeida


  1. Executive summary - In 300 words or less, describe your business concept and why it is a good idea. Make sure you include details about the following:
  • Who is your target audience and how will you respond to their needs?
  • What products and/or services are you proposing?
  • How much will your product or service cost to produce? What will it sell for? When will you breakeven?
  • Who will benefit from your idea and how?
  • What are your clearest advantage(s) and strongest selling points?
  • How will STEM support your business concept?

Our business concept is based on the idea of ​​building and running a hotel based on advanced technologies. At the moment there is nothing like this in Russia or in America, it is a unique idea. The target audience is quite broad, it covers all age categories: young people interested in science and innovative innovations, families with children, who are provided with interactive classes and designing robots for children older people of the older generation who will be interested in getting into the future, and especially business tourists, who are provided with all the amenities and services necessary for business. For example: functional and innovative conference rooms and workspace, includes high-speed Internet access, print access and other devices that allow you to work without problems. We offer our guests the highest level of service based on advanced technologies. In addition, the hotel provides a scientific and educational complex, a place for scientific exhibitions, a restaurant complex with high-molecular cuisine, leisure activities, such as: scientific presentations, the invitation of famous scientists, etc. In general, the hotel will cost 7.8 billion rubles, which includes engineering, land, materials, innovative technologies, etc. The advantages of our idea in the development of science, attracting young people to knowledge, through illustrative examples of how STEM works in real life. We plan to increase the flow of tourists, which will help improve the economic situation. In addition, we and our investors plan to receive a monthly income. Our strengths are: uniqueness, absence of competitors, the uniqueness of the quality of the provided services, which we will achieve with the help of highly qualified personnel and high-tech innovations. In our hotel the main hook is a lot of innovative technologies and the latest developments in the sphere of services. Target audiences are people of all ages, but still we want to focus on attracting young people, fond of science and adult scientists, that could appreciate all innovative and scientific devices in "I & F". In our hotel we offer a lot of services, basic services are over, exist in all top-level hotels, as well as services to visit scientific exhibitions, as in our hotel will be built a special floor with a full of services that will be equipped as an entertaining and cognitive complex. In winning from our idea, we, of course, the creators, and the investors that have invested in our project money. The strongest points of the hotel are quality services and the ability of workers who contact visitors , please them and make a good impression of the hotel, not only in appearance and innovative technologies, but also with careful attitude and a warm welcome. STEM will support new discoveries in the areas of science, engineering and technology that s could be used as a step for the development of the entire hotel.


  1. Creativity and InnovationIn 600 words or less describe the innovative character of your business concept, what makes it different from what already exists? What makes your concept unique?

The basis will be the use of mathematics and advanced technologies for example in the reception area instead of people will halogram.As a staff will be presented specially trained robots.
In restaurants there will be an original giving of dishes in capsules. This is much more practical, and waiters will be able to carry out 40% more dishes than usual. It follows that people will receive their orders faster. The hotel will provide a full scan of all body systems, so customers can choose their own diet.
Moreover, the uniqueness of our project lies in the fact that at the moment there are no analogues either in Russia or in America.
Compared with other hotels, we plan to take care not only of our visitors, but also of the environment, and therefore, special solar energy designs will be installed on the hotel's territory for a more ecological option for the development of electricity.


  1. Detailed descriptionIn 600 words or less describe the design, function, features, and benefits of our product or service. Add illustrations that will help readers better understand your concept. Attach any relevant materials you regard as important.

This hotel is able not only to turn your mind, but also to change the perception of the material world. The innovative hotel is designed in the style of deconstructivism with hi-tech elements. And when you go inside you just will not believe your eyes. The hotel will have 25 floors, of which 3 floors will be occupied by contrasting pools and views, 5 floors-business-class rooms, 8 floors - standard rooms, 2 floors - spa and relaxation zones, 2 floors - science and entertainment complexes and The first floor will be located retsepshen. In the middle of the huge round hall there will be a transparent pipe with an elevator and transparent bridges will be laid from each floor. The rooms on each floor will be located in a circle and open with the help of special unique mobile devices. This will allow you to quickly and easily enter the room .. In addition to the rooms you can climb to the upper floors of the hotel. Where you will wait for contrasting pools and a wonderful view of the landscapes. Well, if you adhere to receive new knowledge, our hotel will provide special courses and scientific exhibitions for students and students, where we can explain even the most complicated theorems in all sciences with the help of experiments! But the most important thing in our hotel is not only service, almost entirely consisting of innovative robots that fulfill any whim of the client, but also the uniqueness of the rooms themselves. Have you ever run around the antinton liquid? Just imagine: at any time, with an easy push of a button you can move to any point of the planet or even the solar system! Due to special innovative technologies and a projection built into the walls. In the room Everything is so comfortable that you can choose the stiffness and slope of the mattress. At first glance, ordinary glass walls immediately become opaque, as soon as you go into the room. Space-saving and at the same time a very roomy cabinet, a levitating bed, armchair-mounted armchairs, virtual reality jacuzzis, hydromassage and much more are waiting for you if you decide to visit this hotel. In the "I & F", the impossible becomes real.

  1. The Role of STEMIn 600 words or less describe how Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics will help your business concept to be innovative. How does STEM give your product or service an edge over the competition?

Technology is an integral part of our lives in the 21st century. We believe that Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science are the most interrelated. Modern trends in their development are designed to coordinate the time in our hotel. Its center will be an advanced artificial intelligence system responsible for selecting the most comfortable environment for visitors already at the booking stage. The system is planned from several modules:

1) the use of information about the visitor and its processing, using technologies to search for hidden patterns in the data (data mining). For example, the selection of food and beverages is based on his illnesses and taste preferences.

2) the system of universal bracelets, controlled by assistant bots, which accompanies guests during their stay at the hotel and allows them to customize the environment individually. These assistants are the link between the guest, the command center and the robots, partially replacing the functions of the staff. For example, a robot bartender will not pour you coffee with sugar if a person with diabetes suits him. Or if a person is going to the gym, then by the end of the training session, a cocktail will be waiting for him, made taking into account the energy expended, the characteristics of the organism and its general state.

3) the superstructure, based on neural networks, will allow to continuously improve the available technologies.

4) the prototype of technologies laid in the hotel will be its architectural style, organically combining high-tech and deconstructionism. The architectural feature of our hotel will be the transforming upper part of the hotel. At night, it will be opened, allowing you to admire the night sky on viewing platforms.

5) to further enhance the attractiveness of the hotel in the eyes of future guests, we are going to with a wide range of entertainment:

1 customizable design in rooms. You can choose a unique style that suits your mood. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere, then you will be offered a choice of audiorium, corresponding to the chosen theme.

2 exhibition of technologies with visualization of objects in 3D models.

3 as an alternative to boxing, we offer robots battles on simple microsystems with the involvement of guests in the game. This kind of entertainment will be interesting for both children and adult visitors.

4 running on an anti-Newtonian fluid

5 separate rooms with half the physical, and half the virtual world. The technology of augmented reality mixes the virtual world with virtual space. And then there are millions of different scenarios. Guests will be able to visit the rainforest or Everest.

6 anti-gravity rooms, modeling the arrival in the spaceship.

The role of STEM in our project is great, the organizers have aggregated talented people and competently guide us, allowing us to create the most capacious, interesting and creative idea.


  1. Marketing Strategy - In 600 words or less explain how you intend to market and sell your product and/or service. Who are your potential customers and how do you know they would buy your product or service? You can attach data from any surveys you have conducted, or other supporting documents. How many customers do you think you could have? Provide a range and give your reasons for the highest and the lowest number of customers.

The advantage of our hotel is the widest possible audience coverage. Creating comfortable and pleasant living conditions due to high-tech features, it suits both families, active youth, and people with high demands.

In order to understand how to conduct an advertising campaign, you need a qualitative analysis of the current situation and positioning of the hotel. Only having compiled a comprehensive promotion program in various media channels, you can get a result that will significantly increase the conversion of your site and increase the number of orders.

Our main task is to determine the points of influence on potential guests and to make potential customers become guests.

  1. Integrated website marketing

Detailing consumers helps to focus the content of the site relevant to your target audience.

  1. Creating high-quality mobile content

Mobile audience shows the highest results of booking, it comes to the site of the hotelfor a specific purpose - to book.

  1. Improving the booking system

Sell ​​rooms and additional services of the hotel where it is convenient for the client and when he needs it. We will install a booking module on the official page of your hotel, and your customers will be able to book a room directly from the social network.

Social networks today are a powerful channel of communication with customers, an advertising platform and the largest gathering place for people on the Internet. There exactly are your potential customers - it remains only to find them.

The main goal of social media is to create and maintain people's loyalty to your hotel. Communication with customers must be continuous, two-way and occur when convenient to the client. Therefore, social networks and tourist portals today are the best environment for building harmonious relations with customers and partners.

We not only create pages of your hotel in all social networks, we will regularly fill them and update interesting information for customers

  1. The introduction of an electronic concierge

A system for notifying guests about events and events that take place in the region. Increases the loyalty of guests, can become a motive for traveling and prolonging the length of stay at the hotel.

Thanks to the innovative formula put into the hotel, we can expand the set of goals for our marketing. We can advertise our services in places inaccessible to ordinary hotels, for example, such as student campuses, scientific forums and exhibitions.

  1. Finance How much money do you need to start your business, and where do you think you could find the money that is needed? What will it cost to operate your business, and when might your business break-even? When might it be profitable? Prepare your financial estimates assuming the range of likely customers and show how the break-even time changes when your number of customers changes. Prepare a financial plan that goes from the start of your business to at least two years beyond breakeven. Number of words is unlimited.

The construction takes about 3 years. The size of the investment is heavily influenced by the chosen region and the size of the institution. In general, the construction of the hotel, taking into account the construction, lease of land for construction, materials, technologies, etc. Will amount to 7.8 billion rubles. The structure of fixed costs includes the following items: implementation of design works - 100 million rubles; construction - 300 million rubles; organization of parking and landscaping - 7,5 million. Rub.; purchase of equipment, furniture and household equipment - 45 million rubles; a number of other (including unforeseen) expenses - 4 million rubles. Expenses for technical inventory-700 million rubles; As a result, the size of capital investments varies from 1.5 to 3 billion rubles. You can save a decent amount if you can find a suitable building or premise for rent. We plan to attract large corporations and leading it campaigns as sponsors and, whose labels we will post on robots. The main costs of the already operating hotel should be allocated about 12.5 million rubles. For 1 year, which will be spent: on payment of labor and deductions to social funds - 4.5 million rubles; for operating costs (payment of utilities, purchase of household equipment, various cleaning tools, stationery and office goods, payment for telephone communication, etc.) - 6 million rubles; other expenses (including those that could not be foreseen at the time of drawing up the estimate) - 2 million rubles. At the same time, the planned income is 80-95 million rubles. Annually and is formed by: a numbered fund - 15-16.5 million rubles; restaurant complex - 20-22 million rubles. Due to the fact that the staff of our hotel will consist mainly of robots, this will allow us, not to pay them salaries and in the future to save costs. For 5 years, and the profitability level will be 58%. Moreover, various investors, the state, as well as people who would like to attend scientific courses, spa and other hotel services will help pay back expenses for shorter periods. The approximate cost of the rooms will vary from 15,000 to 48,000 rubles. If you include in your business plan the calculation that best fits the reality, taking into account inflation and the full range of possible financial risks, then the payback period may slightly increase - from 4-7 years.

  1. Operating the business What role would each team member have if this business were going to start?
  2. Manager: Amina 2.
  3. General Director: Vasilina
  4. 3. Executive Director: Artem
  5. 4. Manager of Marketing: Britney
  6. 5. Profit of the Company Manager: Shirley
  7. 6. Assistant: Ivan


  1. One of the most important things that can direct your business to the right track. - this is the ability to manage them. Since we have the idea of ​​a hotel, then, like in all hotels we have our own management system and naturally we need to have a great workforce. The skills that require from our hotel staff: the ability to work in a team; ability to learn; technical savvy. In addition to basic skills in the Project, People and Problem management, employees must have the following skills: teamwork, interest in innovation and technology, the ability to learn, technical skills, knowledge in the fields of science and the ability to speak foreign languages ​​Director-General, Vaselina, has three deputies for the number of rooms, food and administrative services. The director of the room fund is subordinated to the reception office (Front office), the economic service (maids and cleaners of public premises, laundry, dry cleaning, etc.). The director of the public catering subordinated kitchen, restaurants, bars, banquet service, room service (Room servise). The director for the administrative part is the controller, the manager of the marketing and sales department, the chief engineer, the security service, the personnel department. The hotel has a development department aimed at improving technologies and, in combination, creativity, whose manager is Artem. His job duties include: a systematic approach to solving professional problems, regular participation in various conferences, communication with the media, the ability to find original ways for the work and further development of the company, knowledge of various technical aspects (including production technology). Also, we have a marketing manager - Britney. Her job duties include developing and implementing the company's PR strategy, promoting the company's brand in the market, developing a PR activity plan, working with social media (SMM), writing and posting articles, press releases, news, interviews and official media reports and on the company's website, development and ordering of advertising and information materials, organization of events, profile seminars, conferences, etc. The manager of the hotel is Amina, who has such skills as: communicability, teamwork, counter liruet quality of staff, ensuring the smooth operation of equipment, improvement of foreign territoy, control of compliance with sanitary and fire pravil.Upravlyayuschy monitors the distribution of rooms, counting the profitability of the enterprise, expanding logistical base of the hotel, is committed to improving the comfort for the customers.


  1. SWOT Analysis Summarize the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats on a chart. Attach any supporting data or refer tro data already included as supporting sections 2-7 above.


  1. The design styles do not look like the styles of conventional hotel design
  2. Use of all innovate technologies available in our time
  3. Unique design of the hotel


  1. It will be difficult to find robots with artificial intelligence that perceive a person
  2. This project is vey expensive

 3.It will be hard to find people that may invest a large sum of money


  1. Bringing hotels to a new level
  2. Distribution around the world
  3. Аttracting intelligence from around the world


  1. Robot system crash
  2. Low popularity
  3. Issues with investors
  1. ImpactIn 300 words or less describe what impact your business will have in Moscow and Miami and how this impact can be measured.

We are confident that the implementation of this project will achieve its goals and increase the flow of tourists in Moscow and Miami. It will influence society through interest and the desire to understand and learn something new. The hotel will be able to change the idea of ​​people about innovative technologies in this sphere, the network in the sphere of hotel business has not been presented so many innovations and. The benefit for the client is that people will be able to learn something new in the areas of science and technology, as well as the hotel will attract young people to knowledge.

1) Improve tourism in the country;

3) help develop the cities further, build new innovation centers;

4) attract children to them, which will help to develop the society;

5) Opening and further development of our hotel will be an example for other cities and countries.

Also the implementation of this project will help improve the STEM sphere in the country, increasing the level of popularity in mathematics, engineering, technology and science.