US-Russia STEM Project


Your Challenge

Using a combination of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) knowledge and entrepreneurial skills in your team, come up with an innovative, commercially viable idea to increase tourism in Moscow and Miami.

Your idea could be a product to sell, a service to provide, or perhaps, a space or place which attracts customers, makes money and creates a lasting positive impact.

Your idea must stand out from the crowd and your business proposition must clearly demonstrate the role STEM would play in support of the business idea.


Your Idea (delivered November 22 2017)


Contents of Your Business Concept Paper  

You must prepare a written Business Concept Paper based on the idea you came up to during the Online Innovation Tournament.  A “Business Concept Paper” is similar to a ‘business plan,” but we are asking for additional information in your Business Concept Paper that a typical business plan would not include.

Your Business Concept Paper needs to further explain your business idea; you must provide evidence that your business proposition has a good chance of being successful; and you must demonstrate how STEM  will play an important part.

Your Business Concept Paper submission will be due early March 2017

The categories you need to include are the following:

Team Name: ____World With Innovations__________________



Team Logo:


Team Members

1.___________________Gasanova Samira______________________

  1. ___________________Khanukaeva Maria______________________
  2. _____________________Svitkovich Maxim ____________________
  3. __________Bryan Crespo_______________________________
  4. _________Josue Cruz-Campos________________________________
  5. ___________Grizel Martinez______________________________



Executive summary

In our time, more and more is gaining popularity "slime". At the end of 2016 in the instagram began to gain popularity accounts of sliders (people who make a viscous substance of different colors with their own hands). I think many people are familiar with this toy. Have you ever wondered how it would be great to fully immerse yourself in this soothing world of various stretching slides? Our team thought for a long time what would help attract more tourists, both in Moscow and in Miami. We want to introduce you to the world's first "Slime Home"!

This is a mini-entertainment complex in which you can touch everything, and this will provide you with an unforgettable pleasure! Soft, viscous mass with balls, sparkles and much more. Most importantly, nothing sticks to your hands. Our project has many advantages. Firstly, it is very profitable. A person pays for an admission ticket and is in the Slime home as much as he likes, resting in different rooms or making a slam his own. The manufacturing of the slime does not cost a lot, and this is another plus to the profit. Secondly, there is no such complex in the world yet. Tourists and travelers simply have to visit this place!




  1. Creativity and Innovation

The creativity and innovation of our idea lies in the fact that no one has yet realized such a project. In addition, we use such sciences as chemistry and biology.

  1. Detailed description

Inside our house there are many interesting rooms with different entertainments. for example, a trampoline from a slime, a swimming pool, and also a workshop in which you can create your own slime and a store in which you can purchase all of our products.


  1. The Role of STEM

Since the stem includes such sciences as chemistry and biology, our project is very close to it, because our slimes are created from chemical, but at the same time, safe substances.


  1. Marketing Strategy

first of all we are going to spread advertising on the most crowded places in Moscow and Miami. also we are going to get tired of competitions with passers-by, to attract attention to our slime house. also we are going to buy advertising on YouTube. We hire staff and buy for them a branded form.


  1. Finance

By calculating the budget of our project, we came to the conclusion that everything is going well with us.The rental price is calculated on the basis of the average rental rate in the TTK trestles, salary - $ 1000 / employee

The ticket price is $ 5. If 26 working days a month, 100 people a day, then you get $ 13,000 plus taxes. by calculations, we definitely will not go broke! :)


  1. Operating the business What role would each team member have if this business were going to start?


  1. Gasanova Samira -almost everything
  2. Khanukaeva Maria – presentation

3.Svitkovich Maksim- marketing strategy

4.Grizel Martinez –finance

5.Bryan Crespo-finance

  1. Grizel Martinez-finance



Our team has well rallied during the project. But unfortunately, we could not properly distribute the duties, because recently the Russian team could not contact the American team, as at the beginning of the project and the Russian team had to do everything by themselves.



  1. SWOT Analysis Summarize the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats on a chart. Attach any supporting data or refer to data already included as supporting sections 2-7 above.



1. Creative idea

2. Ability to calculate details

3. Large target audience





1. Lack of cohesion

2.The American team is not responding



Our project is quite easy to realistically implement





Slimes may no longer be relevant.


  1. Impact

To begin with, we need to rent a room, for which we will give 250 thousand a month. After renting we will have the opportunity to make our home a reality.


Project Info

This project offers an opportunity to deepen participants’ understanding of the importance and relevance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and their links to a huge range of potential career paths. >>

Latest Activities

Bravo, HPE Mentors!

Dear Vyacheslav! We are extremely grateful for your help during the STEM project. The ideas you gave us were very useful and your advice helped us a lot to improve the quality both of the project itself and its presentation. We, with great pleasure, followed all your recommendations. Thank you for particular attention that you paid to the presentation of the product and the development of the content itself, including functions and interface.  We kindly thank you for estimating our work and ideas rationally, correcting some things, improving them.

Meet US-Russia STEM Project Panel of Judges

Semi-finals Completed March 12. Now on to the Finals!

After several months of hard work, the US – Russia STEM project teams submitted their Concept Papers which were being judged by HPE experts.  Following the judges’ review, teams presented their projects at My Room and answered judges’ questions at the semi-finals held at HPE My Room on March 12.

US-Russia STEM teams are now entering the final stage of the project.

By March 5 teams should complete their Business Concept papers and upload them at Teams' profiles on the project website to be reviewed and scored by the Panel of judges.

A lecture about the recruitment at HPE will take place at HPE My Room on March 1 at 4 pm Moscow time

Viktoria Svistelnikova HPE Talent Acquisition Consultant will tell students about the recruitment at HPE, and about the interview process in large corporations.