Our team consists of 6 people:

  • Anton Buryakov

 My name is Anton. You can also call me Tony or Antony. I was born on February, 23, 2001 in the capital of Mother-Russia Moscow. I’m very communicative and active person. It’s easy for me to get on with people.  I enjoy cycling, surfing, dancing and sometimes I play the piano. I usually visit a lot of exhibitions about my favorite interests, such as computer games, coding and Star Wars universe. My goals here are to develop interesting project and communicate with american friends.

  •  Julissa Hernando

I am a sophomore, who enjoys dancing and social media. I want  to make new friends and learn about russian culture.

  • Lazaro Rodriguez

My name is Lazaro, I am a junior at Miami Sunset Senior High. I belong to the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism. My passion is playing video games and  playing sports.

  • Daniil Roshchin

I was born on December 13, 2001, In Moscow. I am a kind and sociable person who wants to make friends from other countries. I have many interests in different spheres, like drawing and football. but most of all I love history and economics. Also I'm fond of star wars and always try too be aware of all the news from this fantastic universe.

  • Ilya Podyablonskiy

My name is Ilya. I am 16. I born in Moscow. I am cheerful, sociable person,witty person. I like Maths and Physics. I am interesting in doing sports, reading books and watching films. Also i like playing different games.

  • Aaron Vidal

My name is Aaron. I am a junior. Lazaro and I have been in the same class for the pass two years. I like video games as well. Also I like playing football.

Project Info

This project offers an opportunity to deepen participants’ understanding of the importance and relevance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and their links to a huge range of potential career paths. >>

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Bravo, HPE Mentors!

Dear Vyacheslav! We are extremely grateful for your help during the STEM project. The ideas you gave us were very useful and your advice helped us a lot to improve the quality both of the project itself and its presentation. We, with great pleasure, followed all your recommendations. Thank you for particular attention that you paid to the presentation of the product and the development of the content itself, including functions and interface.  We kindly thank you for estimating our work and ideas rationally, correcting some things, improving them.

Meet US-Russia STEM Project Panel of Judges

Semi-finals Completed March 12. Now on to the Finals!

After several months of hard work, the US – Russia STEM project teams submitted their Concept Papers which were being judged by HPE experts.  Following the judges’ review, teams presented their projects at My Room and answered judges’ questions at the semi-finals held at HPE My Room on March 12.

US-Russia STEM teams are now entering the final stage of the project.

By March 5 teams should complete their Business Concept papers and upload them at Teams' profiles on the project website to be reviewed and scored by the Panel of judges.

A lecture about the recruitment at HPE will take place at HPE My Room on March 1 at 4 pm Moscow time

Viktoria Svistelnikova HPE Talent Acquisition Consultant will tell students about the recruitment at HPE, and about the interview process in large corporations.


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16 - 22.11.2017


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