Business Concept Paper Team 1 Smartglasses

  1. Everything is changing: technology, devices, high-speed networks. Nevertheless, travelling is still popular. We decided to ease the life of millions of tourists. The exact problem we are solving is the need of the smart assistant, which will be with you all the time.

All we know, how wide is the market of traveling. And all the tourists are our target market, because every traveler would like to forget about difficult process of using maps and tour guides.

Meet our smartglasses with virtual reality! It is not a secret that in 2013 Google tried their Google Glass, however this project absolutely failed.Visual and audial methods of perception of the information are still the best ones, so we decided to make our own smartglasses correcting the mistakes of Google and taking a step into the future of the tourism.

Augmented reality is the main technology of glasses as tiny projectors are attached on the arches of the glasses in order to project the interface to the lenses. Talking about the functions, first, using an app, connected to our glasses, you can easily know the history of any attraction of interest. Moreover, we offer special routes of attractions for users of all ages, which involve a virtual guide. The transmission of sound to the owner occurs without the use of a dynamic, directly through the bones of the skull by vibration. Those, who want to see how the attraction looked decades ago also have this opportunity.

Changing the bezel, diopters and the design of the glasses is an undoubted advantage.

All in all, our glasses are going to work with any available apps like translator, maps, tripadvisor and others. This is what makes our project different: using the latest technology trends, we try to provide every traveler comfort and ease of use.


2. In 1878 Charles Holland Duell, who was the commissioner of the United States Patent and Trademark Office said: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Of course, he was absolutely wrong, because nowadays due to the development of the technologies every year big companies rejoice us with sapid novelties. 
It is not a secret that in 2013 Google tried their Googleglass, however this project absolutely failed and almost nobody bought their innovative invention, which costed 1500 dollars. 
We are going to correct mistakes of Google and bring a lot of innovations into the world of tourism. 
All previous models of smart glasses were directed to the sphere of economics, entertainment and manufacture. Our innovative ideas bring a new wave into the ocean of tourism. 
All previous models of smart glasses were a little bit heavy nevertheless our glasses will have both creative design and lightness which will make it easier for every tourist to spend the whole day comfortably and with great ease.
One more our innovation is so that our smart glasses are going to work with a special application, done especially for our glasses. It is going to include almost all the functions of our glasses and will use some space of the memory of the phone, so it will also give a lot of opportunities to a modern tourist. 
The special feature of our application is that we are going to work with such apps as Googlemaps,, TripAdvisor, so our users will get all the reliable, interesting information, based on the real experience of other people. 
But one of the most important innovation of our project is augmented reality, on which all the functions of our smart glasses are based. 

Moreover, for better connection we are going to use neural networks, which were not used in any other projects. On the basis of neural networks, through pre-stored presets of building outlines, geographic data and the work of the Google Maps API, the building or object is recognized on-the-fly, after which the system considers the building or object to be recognized and displays a corresponding marking on the object itself, "fixing it in air ". 


In the meantime, the data received from the camera will be uploaded to the application servers for more correct recognition in the future.


3. Nowadays Tourism cannot be imagined without learning the history of a country a person visits. The aim of many people while traveling is to get acquainted with culture and traditions of the country. There are lots of possibilities for that and one of the most popular is excursion or tour-guide. However, with the development of technologies we can afford ourselves something different, exactly we are speaking about virtual excursions. That is what our smart glasses will offer their users. We worked over several routes around Moscow focusing on different target audience. Users will be able to read a short description of each route in order to find the one on his taste. There they will find information about Suggested time of the tour, list of places of interest and streets through which the route is laid.

Now let’s turn to the routes. The users will have a choice among the following ones: route for those who want to know Moscow in 3 hours; Moscow for family trip with children; Moscow for experienced visitors; literary Moscow; musical Moscow and many others. The variety of trips will give an opportunity to learn the history of Moscow from every angle.

The same routes are going to work in Miami.

What is included in each route. First of all, of course, history. Smart glasses will provide tourists with full description of historical buildings, architecture style. What is more, special function of our smart glasses will show people how the building/palace/ cathedral looked like some centuries ago! All we know that buildings are redecorated from time to time. Besides, earlier that place might have been occupied with a totally different building which served for totally different purpose. This is like time machine that will help people travel through centuries. For instance, let’s take the Moscow Kremlin. We are used to seeing it in red color. But at all times it was like this. In the timed of Yuri Dolgoruki, when Moscow was founded, the very first version of the Kremlin was of pine. Then is was redecorated and remade of oak by Ivan Kalita. World famous Dmitry Donskoy was the first to make our kremlin made of white stone. And the Kremlin which we admire today was constructed by Ivan 3. And the 4 views of the Moscow Kremlin will appear in front of the tourists while watching the history of this place of interest. A lot of famous monuments constructed in honor of famous people, museums which for sure must be visited by everyone who come to visit Moscow are also also included. As for Musical Moscow, you will find monument in honor of such composers as Sergei Rachmaninov, Peter Chaikovsky. And the Literary Moscow will acquaint you with creations of Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Tolstoy.

For comfort of our users the smart glasses have lists of cafes and restaurant which are worth visiting. Moreover they are connected with the Navigation system which will not let them to get lost.



If you are tired of long-lasting excursion, at every moment you can stop in and have a rest in the nearest cafe and return to your excursion from that very moment where you stopped. We have not forgotten about transport system. To move quickly around the city the smart glasses can either call a taxi for you or find the nearest metro station.


One more point which we cannot but mention the The World Cup FIFA that will take place in Russia this summer. All football lovers and fans for sure will love it. The smart glasses will provide you either there surrender score of all matches. And if you your favorite team into the section ‘favorites’ you will be aware of the changes which are happening on the field. You can both read the text translation and statistics, all the information about players, coaches , judging will be in your hands.

The next our function is connected with emergency. If you need some help, glasses can call you an ambulance and show the nearest hospitals.

Moreover, for the comfort of our users, we offer the services of translation to make the communication of tourists more comfortable. We have special weather forecasts for our users, which are going to be reflected in the interface.

If you have some problems and you cannot understand how some functions work, go to the section ‘help and information where you will find accurate description and instructions. To solve technical problems you can call the customer service, whose number you will also find there. For ease and convenience smart glasses will be connected to the app which you can load to your smartphone.

4. STEM, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will give our product and innovative edge. This is because the technology behind the smartglasses is what will really allow our products vision to be fulfilled. Technology such as the one that will allow the smartglasses to have maps and trip advisor in them is one of the things that will help attract consumers to the product. As well as the virtual reality is only possible due to the technology we have today. The science to how this technology such as the virtual reality used in items such as video games is also an important factor in creating this product. The engineering behind how we will make the smartglassses function, as in how we will structure the glasses to have the camera lenses and how the projectors will fit inside and project an image is also very important. STEM gives us an edge over our competition by allowing us to bring a new product out to help the hospitality and tourism field.

5. We are going to work with tour departments of different cities and they will sell our product to the tourists, coming to this or that city. Moreover, of course, we will work with travel agencies, who will also sell our smart glasses to tourists. So, as far as you see, almost all tourists are our potential customers. Because of having special functions for the Football World Cup in 2018, we want to attract attention of both tourists and football fans. Because of the prices, which are going to be lower, than any other previous prototypes of smart glasses, we suppose that our product will be in demand. Unfortunately, right now it is impossible to make any predictions about the range of customers, because it is absolutely unique and innovative product.

6. First of all, let us tell you something about the financial side of our project. We are going to have IT-specialists, who will write us the software, in India, because without any doubts it is very convenient and cheap. Of course, we are going to find investors to start our business. We will try to contact such companies as Google and Trip Adviser, with whom we really want to work and achieve goals together. If we are able to contact these companies and sign agreements with them, we are sure that we will have enough investors, who will be interested in this project. We are sure that this project won’t have any recessions, because we are correcting all the mistakes of previous prototypes, bring something new into the sphere of tourism and pay special attention to small details and things, which tourists like. Glasses with augmented reality, connected to tourism, were never used before, so we state that they will become a new trend. We also think about making special agreements with Ray Ban, a company, which is producing sunglasses. We suppose that we can have a special design, combining smart glasses and sunglasses. So, as far as you can see, we think that we can make our smart glasses fashionable and popular. We also pay a lot of our attention to the advertising. Few skeptics will doubt that agreements with Google, Trip Adviser and Ray Ban are going to be a bad type of advertising, but, moreover, we think that The World Cup will help us to promote our product. When representatives of almost all countries of the world will come to Russia, they will be able to see the functions of the prototype of our smart glasses, which are both connected with tourism and sports. During the first year of working on our project, we are going to work with investors, sign agreements with different companies, hire IT-specialists and work with them. We devote so much time to this process, because it is very important to have everything ideal, before launching the product to the market. We suppose that during the second year we will be working with advertising and think that during this year our project might become breakeven. Because of the innovations and uniqueness of our product, we are sure that it will conquer the market!


7. Our team will work in two groups to better our product. We will modify this product by having people from different areas to study and critique our product as well as to keep up with the manufacturing to ensure we have the best product in the market for people. Both U.S and Russia team will work together with the manufacturing company to ensure that all procedures are followed correctly and we will as well insure that our product will be the best in the market for customers to be extremely satisfied and to purchase our produce.

1.Felix Jaime

(CO-Business partners Ensure guest satisfaction in the US)

2.Corina Lola

(CO-Business partners Ensure guest satisfaction in the US)


  (CO-Business partners Ensure guest satisfaction in Russia)                    


(CO-Business partners Ensure guest satisfaction in Russia)


(CO-Business partners Ensure guest satisfaction in Russia)

Skills that are needed for this product will be good marketing skills to advertise our products in ways that every person will have the ability to see what our product offers. Another skill that will be needed would be technology skills in how we would implement the apps such as google maps into our smartglasses. Yes we would have to add other people such as our mentor which knows a little more about how this product will work as they have worked with something similar as well as knows how to market a product as she works in that industry. We would have to find sponsors for our company to build it. Job descriptions would include skills such as the ones said above.


8. Strengths

- improving tourism

-involving our public with STEM

-boosting our economy



-technology may malfunction

-trial and error may need to be done

-price range may not be accessible



-improve as time goes on to appeal to the public eye

-expanding the line of our products

-being able to personalize our product to peoples wanting



-weather may damage our products

-companies may steal our concept

-glasses may be fragile


9.  In both Miami and Moscow our business will improve our tourism by allowing our tourist to explore places with more ease. These two cities are two of the most known places in the world and people will like to explore these cities in a new and fun way. They will not need any tour guide and will have an amazing learning and fun experience with our smartglasses because you can either use our glasses to find out about the history of a place or simply go somewhere fun. This impact could be measured by including a guest comment card and survey with each product for the customer to either ship back to the company or to use the code provided on them to submit them online.

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